September 2017 An Evening of Microbial Appreciation

September 2017 General Meeting, 9/21: An Evening of Microbial Appreciation

Join with the SFMS on the 21st of September for a fine Evening of Microbial Appreciation, also known as "Pond Scum Night". (Evening wear not required.) Come view a managerie of odd and interesting creatures that live all around you that you don't normally see.

We'll be providing samples of tide pool and Bay water, and perhaps other sames to observe and identify organisms.

We also welcome you to bring your own pond water samples (or other tiny organisms, such as small insects, mosses, lichens, molds, etc) to discover what's living in your neck of the woods.

We will have various phase contrast, dark-field, and Rheinberg illumination microscopes set up for viewing of live specimens. We also have a library of identification books for aquatic organisms for those who wish to delve deeper into identification.

You don't need to be a microscopy or biology expert to attend! This is a great place to be curious, ask questions and get to know your local microscopy community and resources.